Artist Statement

The poet Pablo Nerudo said; “It was through metaphor, not rational analysis and argument, that the mysteries of the world could be revealed.”  Poetic metaphors often serve as a jumping off point for my work, but with greater frequency, my inner instincts are guiding my hand.  I begin painting by laying down colour, and shape expressively. I paint with thick transparent layers in cold wax and oil. I apply paint with a trowel or directly with my hands, and use pottery tools to excavate through the many thick layers. Sometimes this feels like jumping out of a plane and trusting that the parachute will open. My process, involves sitting back and looking, trying to understand the composition, and listening to the feelings and ideas that emerge. 

Artist Bio

Sharon Kirsh, born in Montreal; the daughter of newly immigrated artisans, her family’s influential educational aspirations clashed with her own innate artistic longings.  Thus, a successful corporate career led to the eventual study of Interior Design, where Sharon’s projects earned her the Steelcase Graduation Award. Realizing that the conceptualization and rendering of a design was what fascinated her most, she shifted to painting. Working with cold wax and oils, she explores the emotive quality of colour, while slowly building up waxy layers that create a history, adding to the depth and story of the work. Curiosity and play are important elements in her work, and she strives to carefully balance focus with abandon. Her paintings lead viewers through an abstracted, atmospheric, and imagined version of a natural landscape.  Her work can be found in public and private collections. Sharon also teaches painting at various locations throughout the Greater Toronto Area. 

Represented by Savvy Art Market in Oakville.

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