Sharon Kirsh originally from Montreal, Quebec now resides in Richmond Hill, Ontario. She earned a Master's degree from the University of Toronto in Industrial Relations, and spent the earlier part of her career as a corporate Instructional Designer. This was guided by her desire to positively impact people’s lives at work. Propelled by memories of the joy she felt painting murals on many of the walls of her childhood home, she made a career leap to Interior Design. Drafting, rendering, creating visual spaces as a designer, led her to eventually embrace wholly, her passion for creating art. Today, her art is influenced and enriched by both of these experiences. Sharon strives to create artwork that  through texture, colour and imagination, positively impacts people and their environment.


Thematically, her vibrant, richly layered, textured abstracts explore the relationship between what we experience in nature and what can be imagined when we daydream. Vibrant saturated colour are used as an expression of deeply held desire. Inspired by the motifs found in traditional Canadian landscape, abstracted and geometric in execution, her work aims to create spiritual renewal and joy.

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