Creating custom one of a kind art for your home begins with a consultation process. Making sure that we have a shared vision for the work and that the size and composition are appealing is the beginning of the process.

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Commissioning a painting? It means you and I will be working together to create a one-of-a-kind work of art that you can display with pride at your home or office!

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How is Subject Matter and Composition Determined?

As you may have noticed, I paint abstractly with cold wax and oil. Looking at some of my existing paintings, we determine which ones have colours, themes and feelings that you most connect with. Depending on the size and format of your painting, we discuss composition. I am open to hearing any ideas you may have or developing one with you! Where it makes sense, 

How long will it take? 

2 to 5 months.

From the time that you are ready to begin the project it will take approximately 3-4 weeks for planning, research and contemplation. During this time we will discuss the size requirements, the color scheme, and materials etc. I will also be asking many questions in order to really understand what it is that you want. I will offer suggestions and might show some sketches or Photoshop files during this time. 

After the initial planning phase the time frame will depend on size, subject matter, difficulty of the composition, painting style etc… I always give myself a minimum of two months for a painting and of course that could go up to 4 or 5 depending on my work load and your time requirements.

 Elevation for commission

Elevation for commission

Please keep in mind that although my art is abstract, and colour, shape and composition are important, the meaning, and feeling that the painting carries are equally important. As we work together, I take care to understand the feelings you want expressed and to share the ideas and spirit that go into creating the work.  

What are your prices?

As my prices are subject to change over time and as demand dictates I provide that information upon request. My prices represent an estimated price range for each size. The information found in the "How Long Will It Take?" section are considered when pricing a commission. please contact me to discuss a project!


Downpayment and Payment Plans

I require a 30% downpayment on large scale projects or projects that are site specific and would be difficult to sell if abandoned or turned down by the client. Payment plans for a 6 month time period can be arranged, beginning with downpayment. Final payment due prior to shipping or delivery.

Copyright Guidelines

I will retain all rights to the image which you commission. I will retain the right to make copies, prints, use it for web and media advertising. The collector (you) will own the painting but will acquire no rights for copying. 

If special rights are desired, a separate contract will be drafted and the fees will be based on the copyrights requested.  Some possibilities may include, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, book covers etc…

In no way and at no time is the collector allowed to reproduce the image for personal gain (including, but not limited to selling, gifting, reproduction for self) without gaining permission by contacting Sharon Kirsh. 


Can a commissioned painting be returned for a refund?

The long answer: When I undertake a commission, the colours, content and format are all specified to result in a very personalized pieces of art.  I also work with you to understand your preferences and only embark on commissions where we have a shared and agreed understanding of the outcome. I do not take commission projects where I feel the scope and requirements are inconsistent with the way in which I typically work. The resulting paintings may not be easily sold to someone else.  

All commissioned works are bound by a contract that will specify the return policies for that particular piece. For large works or public commissions the return policy will be more stringent than for private or smaller pieces.

That being said, some commissioned works can be returned. Just keep in mind that any commission that I agree to take back  will be subject to minimum 20% fee based on the price of the commission. That way, should I be unable to resell, my expenses are covered.  

Contact me!

Finding the right piece of artwork. Something that is the right size, colour, has shapes you connect with can be very time consuming. Working with an artist to develop a commissioned work, means that you will have artwork that is not only a perfect fit for your home, but will be personally meaningful.  If you live locally, I can visit your home to discuss what will work in your space, or we can have a Skype call to achieve much of the same results. Having worked previously in Interior Design, I understand how to determine the right size of artwork for your space.