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About Sharon Kirsh

Sharon Kirsh is a cold wax and oil abstract artist living in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Her vibrant, richly layered, textured abstracts strive to represent the perception and physicality of depth below the surface and beyond the dispiriting flatness of everyday life. Born with strabismus (eyes unable to work together), has meant that Sharon experiences the world around her in a flat 2d manner without a true perception of depth. Sharon is interested in delving into the depths of these two dimensions to create the depth of experience that emerged from experiencing 3 dimensions in a wide-open space.

I find myself restored when I focus my gaze into the far distance and am able to perceive so much visual depth before me. I am inexplicably interested in playing with the perception and physicality of space and depth, as I have encountered it in wide-open spaces. Working from abstracted sketches from my travel photos, Landscape is the starting point for the work, but it is the tangible depth that exists beyond a 2 dimensional surface, and it’s unexpected vibrancy and luminosity that I am searching for. Applying multiple layers of thick oil and wax to create distance from the original surface and reference materials, I contrast texture with flatness, smoosh large swaths of paint indirectly to create rich angled surfaces that recede in space, roll on thin transparent passages of tinted wax to obscure, paint is applied directly to depict shadows and light, and layers are removed to enhance physical distance. Indirect spontaneous drawings are incorporated to share with the viewer a little bit about the reference photo that began it all. When painting to enhance the physical depth of the piece, I work beside the painting rather than in front, as this is where the physical depth is perceptible to me. It is the physicality of depth, which are only observable to me when seen from the side, there is a liveliness and energy in this depth that most reminds me of physically being in a wide-open natural space. I want the viewer to take time and share in this experience, no matter where they may be, themselves.  

Sharon is represented by Koyman Galleries in Ottawa and Butter Gallery in Collingwood