Fall Workshops

Currently, there are no workshops scheduled for the fall. If you are interested in taking a class with me, please check information below for classes currently being offered.

Each workshop has a unique theme and approach to creating art. Each class will begin with a demo, and then students can  work within theme or pursue independent work. Although these workshops are thematic in nature, students are encouraged to develop their own painting style through one-on-one discussions.


Yupo is a unique painting support. While it on first glance it looks like paper, it is actually a plastic sheet. As a result, it responds in entirely surprising and inspiring ways, and makes it easier to let go and create spontaneously. The goal of this class is to experiment and play, to explore the different effects that can be achieved on Yupo using various methods of applying and removing paint. If you prefer working abstractly or with another theme you can. * There will be a small material fee for Yupo.

Only one spot remains in this class.



TerraSkin is made from pulverized rock, and is a great surface for working experimentally. We will be splattering, braying, and playing on Terraskin, and this can be done in an abstract fashion, or with a theme, such as floral or landscape. There will be a small material fee for Terraskin.

Only 1 spot remain in this class.


Kadinsky, considered by many to be the father of abstract painter, was also a great thinker. In this workshop, working abstractly, we take inspiration from how his choices in form and colour, emerged from his spiritual connection to them. 

Only 2 spots remain in this class.


Their are a variety of materials that can be incorporated into collage that you won't find in an art store, but in a hardware store. These items can result in unique compositions that will invite you to play, experiment and make new discoveries. There will be a material fee for this course (max fee of $20)

Only 2 spots remain in this class.

Click the button below or email me at sharonkirsh@rogers.com if you would like to register or want additional information.

Mixed Media - Painting Freely, Expressively and Playfully 

Mixed media, is a playground for innovation.  It is a springboard for loosening up, becoming more curious,  and generating new ideas in painting as your intuitive voice grows and your authentic creativity thrives. Learning through play, this series of classes begins with mixed media projects that are fun, but offer information about composition, colour and techniques for layering, mark making, working with texture and exploring materials. You can expect brief demos, constructive critiques, and plenty of time to work on projects. This class is open to all levels.

Saturday Session: 

10:00am - 1:15pm. Dates March 28, April 18, April 25, May 2, May 16. May 30 is a full day (the afternoon is a makeup opportunity for anyone, whether or not you have missed a class) 1 spot remaining. 

* Fall Dates TBA

Art Summer Series - Mixed Media - 521028

Join an expert Art Instructor for a mini session of lessons in a specialized visual art discipline. You will have a chance to learn different and new techniques to improve and expand your artistic abilities. The session in June will focus on watercolour. The July session will focus on drawing. The session in August will focus on acrylic.The September session will focus on mixed media. 

  • Town of Richmond Hill, 

  • Mcconaghy Centre 

  • Wednesdays, Sept 9 to 23rd, 2015

  • 9:30am  12:30pm